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from High Tide by Nehedar



In the middle of the room
in the last place you would look
there's a riddle of a girl
with her nose stuck in a book

she wants to learn about the world
see it for herself
but they'll never let her out
and they say it's for her health

she's afraid to speak too loud
afraid that she'll be heard
afraid to eat too much
she only wants to be a bird

but every time she tries to fly
she falls back to the earth
she'd be a million miles away
if she had the nerve

clap your hands for the girl
she's gonna need all the help she can get

in the middle of the day
she got picked up in a car
traded one town for the next
her mother's eyes for his guitar

but the road can do so much
the night can get so cold
she was offered something new
but she'd have to do what she was told

so she learned to say her prayers
learned to be polite
learned to dress the part
but she still could never sleep at night

what she never told a soul
is that she did it to survive
but inside that costume is she still

clap your hands for the girl
she's gonna need all the help she can get

just a little bit
of love and affection
just a little bit
of old fashioned luck and she'll be
inside the tv

in the middle of the night
when you're crying in your sleep
choking on your fright
and the promises you have to keep

think back a little while
what was that promise that you made?
to get out of that room
oh, what was that price you paid?

now you're afraid to close your eyes
afraid of what you'll see
behind this great disguise
just a faded memory

and the last you'll understand
as the pieces fade to grey
there's just no way to live without trading the past

so clap your hands for the world
it's gonna need all the help it can get.


from High Tide, released March 15, 2012


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

Making music.

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