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Escaping Zion

by Nehedar

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Shouts - Music from the Rooftops!
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Shouts - Music from the Rooftops! 'Escaping Zion' is a gem of a pop album. This is extremely catchy protest music. Check out our interview with Nehedar mastermind Emilia Cataldo and what she has to say about the NY music scene, her take on cults transforming into fascism and whether or not we'll all survive this existence.

shoutsmusic.blog/a-protest-music-interview-nehedar/ Favorite track: Safe.
Survival 03:15
Been messing up a lot lately, this world is making me crazy I've got a hard on for this business of Survival, and I won't bother you, no I am not your rival tell you what I'm thinking, won't you help me out, 'cause the ship I'm in is sinking and I really could use a hand out I'm sleeping baby don't wake me, I'm dreaming sugar don't shake me
Mod Civ 03:47
video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5W4hWkgX0k I don't want to miss a minute of the fall of modern civilization although we're not really sure if this is life or just a good simulation the last to leave turn out the lights and let out the dog the last to leave pour some water on those burning logs do you have a minute to hear the good word about where we're going for everything we gotta give up don't you know that there's another life growing just when it seems things can't get worse they always do but I believe we gotta give it up and start anew there's another one coming, there's another one coming in the beginning we were spinning, trying to win and living in competition we evolve enough to understand that life aint just about acquisition the radio is playing beats to wake the dead but they don't know it's putting messages in our head it's not hard to be afraid today and to believe that it's the world burning 'cause we think so much of ourselves that we believe that we made this world turning in my younger days I lived with bare feet on the ground when I misbehaved I felt the lightning blow me down
Blind Spot 03:08
we've been around for long enough we think we're cool, we think we're tough we've got some style, we've got some moves we're not just anybody the thunder rumbles lightning crash my idols splinter turn to ash how many checkpoints left to pass, but something's kind of funny can you check my blind spot for me all the traffic I cannot see don't wanna get wrapped around that tree I know enough to know that I don't know anything I love it that you hang around you match my vices pound for pound your feet stay planted on the ground while I do acrobatics it's hard enough to just stay friends keep dancing when the music ends find all the tears and try to mend, repeat and start it over chorus
Paralyzed 03:48
Got so much to do got so much to be but I cannot move, I'm paralyzed I'm waiting for you to get through to me to let my mind go, infantilized And I feel the earth quake underneath my feet The bottom drops out nearly every week Now I'm stuck in the screen My impossible dream Oh but it's 1:15, I'm hypnotized Now I'm full of beans Nothing's what it seems Are the ends worth the means? Debatable And I feel the power surging through my soul And I don't know should I censure or extoll And the harder I look, in the back of the book In the innermost nook, I can't see, I can't see, I can't see In the morning I find I've enslaved my own mind The performative kind, look at me, look at me, look at me Got the best of both worlds eating me alive Honey let it go and just enjoy the ride
You Were 02:33
spending half my time, thinking about what should be mine spend the other half straight up missing you no time to check the mail this week will probably be another fail I never knew how much I'd come to miss your face and it's time to face, it's never gonna stop no matter time or place, this is the pain I got and the road ahead is gonna take me places I wish you were an ordinary crime and one we'll all commit before we're done we'll leave the ones we love broken and alone the cracks don't go away but slap some glue on, be on your way it's what we've always done, you don't have a say chorus and I'll miss you till it's my time chorus no matter who we are no matter what we've done it's just a stepping stone to the setting sun and the strangest thing is never knowing any more than that
The astrologer looked into the stars and ran hurriedly off to his king "Next year's crop of grain will be tainted!"He cried "And I fear we cannot do a thing!" "For all who would eat it would fall into folly Losing their grip on what's real" "What can we do? We can't throw it away!" Said the king, "we won't live without meal!" "Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" The astrologer begged to suggest "We save for ourselves the crop that's unspoiled And that way we can save our own necks" "But no" the king parried, "if we are the few They won't recognize our appeal" We'll be lost in a world of madness for having A grip on the realm of the real" "Perhaps perhaps, perhaps The answer is we should eat From the grain all the same as the people below And join all the rumpus in the street But I'll mark your forehead and you should mark mine And though all our sense will depart When we glance at each other, we'll notice the sign, our knowledge will set us apart"
Miss Thing 02:46
who's that out there in the world it's the beautiful miss thing cover girl she's a magical mystery tornado with a past we were so close not long ago until she left me for the first string rodeo she said "i think it's time that I went on my own" and she left but if you won't let me take care of you you better do a good job, you better see it through I don't want to hear you're up to your old tricks again can't tell if we're better off this way still a little early yet to say but I got a feeling that I'll see you in the end so take your shot there in the world yeah give it all you got there in the world you had a rough start but look at you now chorus and it's never gonna be easy you're lucky if it's OK but if things get a little too dreary would you look my way
We're not allowed to talk about that yet 3x so hold your breath It happened again somebody went and fell apart and they took the innocent Nobody wins, 'cause no one's fighting just one person with themself Too many kids, too many nightmares started for the ones he didn't get It don't make no sense They say he got to be prepared, got to be on the defense The cops are afraid, they gonna shoot the people down, they don't want to be outplayed A gun doesn't make you happy, a gun doesn't make you safe A gun won't save your marriage, a gun won't make you brave I see you Miss America it don't have to be this way Just get some new politicians that don't work for the NRA! Thoughts and prayers, but they don't care 'cause they won't do anything What can we do? He claims he's a hunter but he's hunting me and you We're not allowed to talk about that yet so hold your breath *I would love to donate this song to a non profit, for free use. Please message me if you would like to license the song. Copyright 2018 Emilia Cataldo Recorded at Little Pioneer Cider House NYC Performed by Nehedar, featuring Elisheva Maister on Cello Chords: (capo 3) Chorus CGD Em A, Verse: CG CG DCEm A Bridge CGDEm
video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgyHgGt4Ejk I want to learn but they don't teach not far away but out of reach the lesson's hard but learning's sweet I lay my future at your feet gotta learn it for my own self, I gotta take the time gotta do it my way, gotta pay the fine I can tell I'm making progress, it still looks dark as night I can work on this forever and never see the light those fools that tell you how to think they're made of hubris, made of stink under the surface is the meat lead from the inside, be complete chorus but I work so hard, it's not enough I play my part, but the part's too tough
You're my oldest friend that I've had in the world You remind me of me, as I was, as it were. Sometimes you drift away but it's all for the best Yeah I let you go but it all feels like a test 'Cause you were two steps behind me, you were just two steps behind When I think you'll never find me, you're always two steps behind And in the darkness I find you and I'm when I'm lonely there you are Bursting with pride, you're always two steps behind I don't know your name, I think that's by design But I know your number, and when you're on the line When you penetrate me, I just think of the past And the others I know I believe you harassed Can you tell me what it is that you want? Can you help me with this thing moving on?
Safe 02:58
Till all of us is safe then none of us is safe I wish I could take away the pain The damage that we do, the nightmares that are true Can't hide, we are the ones must break the chain there's no way out but through The work we have to do To build a better place The evil I condone, the callous that I've grown I've gotta find a way to let them go The fish rots from the head the sickness loves to spread That's why we've gotta root it out of ourselves Integrity or bust Bridges made of trust Will overcome the past


released November 13, 2018

Produced by Craig Levy at Little Pioneer Cider House 2018
All songs copyright Emilia Cataldo
All songs cello by Elisheva Maister
Elisheva Maister harp on The Tainted Grain, Miss Thing
Tim Rockmore Guitar on Two Steps Behind and Survival
Jordan Hirsch trumpet on Survival, Paralyzed, They Don't Teach, Blind Spot, Mod Civ and Safe
Roy Peak bass on Miss Thing
Cover photo by Chris Aldridge
Album cover layout by Jacob Fine


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

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