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Power Plant Beach

by Nehedar

They Lied 02:16
They said that you could do anything you want to do, but they lied. You said that you would be anything they want you to, and you tried and you tried and you tried and you tried You think it's counterproductive to ever look back, so you don't You look forward to becoming somebody else, but you won't and you tried and you tried and you tried This is a story for everyone, the one who makes it and the one who just gave up. don't be the first to give up on yourself, just be ready when anything happens. You try to get even younger the older you get, but you can't Just wish you felt more like a giant and less like an ant, like an ant. and you tried and you tried and you tried...
I want to play in the garden of eden with joss whedon and a mime but i'm still hitting the streets like a madman, everything i've had man came with a fight and I want to go to school until I'm 80, and then maybe, I'll know what's up instead I've got to sell you my snake oil, for all that I toil it's never good enough. things go up, and they go down and you notice they're revolving, things go up and go back down all the time, if you're not good enough, then you're probably just evolving, take it down and go back up in a little while, I want to pick the songs on the radio, I know I'd do a better job then they do now, cause I want to go outside and hear a saxophone jam with a vibraphone won't you hear me out, I want to write the songs that make the sun come up oh how I wish that I was good enough, but I'm still banging them out like a 4 year old, I just wish I could get it up.
Gets close to the bottom It's time to fill back up, he's made sure to notice, it wasn't her first one. she goes to the mirror, nothing looks back out, no one's there to warn her.. he can't stop checking her out.. you better run girl, you'd better hide, you're running the risk you.. might not make it home tonight. if she wasn't looking for any trouble that night, trouble was looking out for a pretty young thing tonight she watched horror movies, and she wasn't dumb, she understood that good girls get punished for fun.. her name is amanda and she loves her dog. this is what she looks like hanging out in the quad. she comes from 2 parents and is a sister to 2 she could be your baby and she could be you.. if she wasn't looking for any trouble that night.. why did she leave home with her pretty long hair and her pretty long legs tonight.. now there's nowhere she wants to be in the shadows, she is free, in between all the rules and lies and mystery.. you bettter run girl..
What do you want me to do? what do you want me to say? what would you like me to ... pray to you? I can't remember your name, weren't we one and the same? now I can't lay any claim to you.. they put your soul in the bank, they got it filed under rank they put it in the computer too.. if you don't know what it is, how you gon protect your shizz no i don't mean your stero it's such a long way down in the middle of town when you got no one to come and rescue you.. and if you borrow cash you better pay it back fast, or you never know who's gonna be owning you hey mr you got some proof? they're going after the youth, they're going after your sister too.. they want to make her a slave, man they's a scoundrelly knave man they ain't got nothing else to do.. they put your soul in a bank they got it filed under rank they put it in the computer too.. if you don't know what it is, how you gon protect your shizz and i don't mean your stereo I am not the sum of my belongings, I am not the sum of my degrees, I am not the someone who is falling down to beg you on my hands and knees.. i can't really owe you my soul, how do i get out of this hole?
Headlights 03:08
Look at me, I failed again and I lost another friend, win the battle in a drawn out war, but when does it end.. i see it coming like a deer caught in the headlights.. tell me you see it too it's fast approaching bright, wish there was something I could do to make it all right won't you save me from myself tonight sick of me and sick of you and all that we have to do, to try and make it in this messed up world and what will become of you I see it coming like a deer caught in the headights.. Dreams of candy and dreams of gold, these are the lies we're sold, don't make me grow up and lose it all, even if it's all foretold..
72 Times 02:53
You see what you want to see You want the world to be As simple as a sparrow Believe you'll never get to be The thing that you call free If you keep your thinking narrow Inside the chambers of your mind Try not to define the wicked or the virtue Let's try to settle down, try to mellow out But if you can't bring yourself to do it I will take you all one at a time you will never get out of here alive Don't say you weren't warned, I tried 72 x not just cause it rhymed Don't tell me you're afraid If there's an enemy you made, hell i beat you to it Get up off the couch straighten up your slouch Can you be the one to do it Or I will take you all one at a time no matter what you say there is no other way So don't be so dramatic I'll tell you one more time while you are in your prime You better get this peace and love shit down 'cause I will take you all..
why you always hanging round my door i don't want you there no more don't want you there no more why you always hanging round my tree it's not all right with me, won't you find some place else to be cause there is nothing i would rather do than get away from you you pushed me right over the edge there is nothing else for me to do to get through to you why can't you just walk across a room, without leaving a trail of gloom, god you fucked up all the rooms why can't you go somewhere for a while, god it would make me smile if you cleaned up your garbage pile cause there is nothing I would rather do... you just don't know what it means to be considerate pissing on the toilet seat i call that shit deliberate, cause i just done cleaned it 5 minutes ago, i know you're not mean but are you really that slow? sometimes i think that you suffer from aspbergers, driving us crazy why are we your fucking passengers, i think that it's time that you moved yourself out, if you've got roommate itis lets hear you shout..
Running Away 03:34
I've been lots of places and they all look the same but i don't want to lay my head down once they know my name you think it's a phase, i tell you it aint and it ain't just that you're funny looking or that you are quaint what am i always running away from? i'm running out of places to go because everytime i go away i know i've met lots of people, some of them don't suck, i would stay here with you but i just don't give a fuck you think it's a phase and well that may be true i'd just prefer to keep my heels up than stay here with you.. what am i always running away from?
Sad Clown 02:54
Last night the old folks met in town, i wasn't able to come down, i sit alone now in my room and wait for a visit from the moon. maybe if it was not so hot, maybe if it was not so loud, maybe if i was not so proud, when i get back i'm gonna make a big old debut as a sad clown.. that's what happens when you ignore the entertainers i live in new york city, all the people are so pretty, lit by streetlights shimmery but really everything's just too gritty in this fad town.. that's what happens when you ignore the entertainers i play the game with all I have, well maybe not but more than half, last time i asked you what to do, you told me I was on the right track well, is that still true because i can drown... when you got no money left and you gave up petty theft and you got no place to be but i got misery for now..
Let Down 03:16
Girl walks into a parking lot, the last one out of the midnight movie girl walks into a parking lot alone, man looks out on his family, knows there's a disease he's hiding, man looks out on his family.. nobody said it would be easy, nobody said it would be fair, rapunzel let down your hair and find someone who'll share young girl with a terminal crush on a boy singing songs to everyone, young girl's got a terminal crush. doesn't matter what you think you are, we're all gonna turn to dust someday, doesn't matter what you think you are.. nobody said it would be easy if you can appreciate then pain is the same as beauty, if you can appreciate..
Metronome 03:10
You and me we got it everything we need but we still need to put it in a better order, in the past few years i've turned myself inside out i'm still looking for what used to be my self destruction.. but what's this i hear on the metronome, when are you, are you coming home, cause i always knew life would go this fast, time makes you blind kicks you in the ass.. everybody's laughing, cause everybody's gay and everybody's been picked to feel this way, in the quiet moments who would ever think.. that a world this blessed would be so close to the brink.. coarse and stubbly faces, coarse and stubbly legs, coarse and stubbly forests cut down into pegs, i wish i could call 1863 and ask president lincoln what's he thinking of me.. but what's this i hear on the metronome....


released September 19, 2010

All songs written by Emilia Cataldo
Produced by Craig Levy (littlepioneer.com)
Artwork by Aaron Auslender


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

Making music.

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