Pick Your Battles

by Nehedar

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released January 1, 2007

All songs written by Emilia Cataldo
Album cover by Eli Szus
All songs produced by Craig Levy (littlepioneer.com)
Except Sign & Aurora produced by Zev Elman
& Never in a Million Years Produced by Luke Ryan (www.myspace.com/mocombolounge )
Sign features Chaim Danzig on Bass & David Keesey on Guitar
Aurora features Chaya Glaser on Guitar & Chaim Danzig on Bass
New Person features David Keesey on Guitar
Hide Now features "The Consequences" (Robert Shanes, Shaul Zuckerberg, Lyle Sudin & Josh Fensterheim)


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

Nehedar has 9 albums and 1 brand new EP on Bandcamp. Some live stuff on Youtube and whatnot. All recordings, except a few on Pick Your Battles, and all of "Light at the End." were done with NYC producer, Craig Levy (Little Pioneer).
The band consists of songwriter/singer Emilia Cataldo, cellist/harpist Elisheva Maister and percussionist/drummer Brad Reiss.
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Track Name: Sign
here i go walking down the street
smiling at the people that i'm lucky enough to meet
here we go walking in a line
snapping on our fingers and dancing on our feet

i'm gonna ask you for your sign if you give me some time

up a staircase step by step
climbing to the clouds
cue an airplane cue the sun cue my heartbeat loud
i went shopping for a love and i found a deal
it seems it's true and it's on sale
doesn't come with feelings

here i go walking down the street
staring at the people that i haven't been graced to meet
here we go walking to the store
talking on our cell phones and hoping for something more

i'm gonna ask you for a dime if you give me some time

up a staircase...

here i go walking down the street
laughing at the salesman who's trying to get cash from me
here we go walking to the store
thinking about the future and falling into a store

i'm gonna ask you for what's mine if you give me some time

up a staircase...
Track Name: Never In A Million Years
there's a lot of drama that has come our way
let it wash all over us and no one else can say
what a man has been through and what makes him who he is
it's no one elses business
in the past we lived just like no lovers with no plans
to make a life together wine and camels in our hands
i see you now in life just like i saw you years before
i'm not playing anymore

never in a million years did i want to lose you
never in the past did i want to give you up
if you wanna be with me we must work together
our love is too strong to give up

there's so much about you that i've tried to say
don't know if i've said it yet said it to your face
i've tried so hard to be discreet i don't know you'll believe
that you've got what i need
you're in a relationship and i'm afraid of men
you might marry soon and i won't kiss your lips again
gotta take this chance before the door gets slammed shut in my face
baby let me in

Track Name: Hide Now
a lot of people think that we are here to save the world and i used to agree
the tide will always turn i'll focus on an odd extreme for a young modern girl

i'm gonna go
i'm gonna go wild now
i'm gonna go disco
i'm gonna go hide now
i'm gonna go....

to a dimly lit metropolitan bar
where my barkeep knows me baby i'm a star
no the revolution will not be sober
and i'm not gonna come out until it's over

a casanova came and saw me on my barstool
yeah like i was waiting for him
he made a lot of noise he looked at me like someone else
someone i used to be

Track Name: Mama
mama when you left me
i was talking on the phone
when you left me
i didn't know i was alone
when you left me
i was happy to see you go
when you left me
mama you left me room to grow

and now it's been so long
so long since you were here
and now it's been so long
since i have had you near
how's the weather up there
and tell me do you ever cry
and if so
can a river fall from your eye

now i'm here
singing a song
about confusion not despair
not alone
never could be
a world of family out there
to help me
mama i know that you are there
you're hoping
i see you
and sometimes it is clear

Track Name: New Person
we're working on a new kind of person
derived from the human being
we've been doing this work in secret
some people are afraid of machines
got everything in order
right down to the opposable thumb
but not the opposable viewpoint
cause without that our battles are won

they're won they're won

we've got it all under control
don't you stress don't stress your mind or your soul
we're not asking for trouble from you
if you do you can be replaced

we've already got a new kind of weapon
the kind with nothing to lose
we've activated the borders
separated the many from the few
just clear your mind of all judgement
just to be sure you'll be saved
you don't want to be thinking the wrong thing
so it's either your mind or your grave

Track Name: Never Let U Go
never let you go

go for you are weary
go excite the dead
go the night is calling
follow scattered thread

i turned to the left
the left is lacking
i turned to the right
the right was wrong
i looked to my shoes
they held no answers
but onward they point
the path i choose

on a tiresome journey
desperate for the shore
wake me in the morning
i must travel more

i turned...

Track Name: Excuses
it's very dark in here he said
do you want to drink with me
purple mead
i have a basketball
in the closet
we can play when the sun comes up
it's very loud in here she cried
and the soda bubbles in her eyes
danced and rang a bell for happiness
she's quieted the din

and we call it love
cause it feels like candy tastes
but it's gone when we walk out the door
it brings us to our knees
but maybe it's just an excuse

you're very hard to see they thought
and moving closer helps distract my eyes
out in the parking lot
when the girl comes out
the people in the cars
are ordering their hamburgers
when the girl comes out everyone sighs
but the girl comes out and everybody wants to know why

Track Name: Percolating
where you going with the light of my eyes
i'm looking out i'm seeing nothing
pick me up it's been too long
it's been the right way no matter it how it feels

take it all in it's what we live in
the cynic whiles away
the play's dramatic and it's funny
perkolating money making
the lives of everyone are all integral to the story

this world needs love
this world needs love to help it up


futures faded the kids are jaded
there's nothing you can do but pull the curtain for the next act
make some ruckus while they fuck us
i want a lot of things
but mostly i jut want redemption

this girl needs love to help her up


take it all in
no distraction
you're gonna leave me here
but i was warm and felt in your arms
now you're off to
sniff your suture
i'd kiss the pain away
if only you would say the hard things

this boy needs love to help him up
Track Name: Aurora
oh when my mother told me never wear my words
i ran backwards to turn out the light
so we could make the whole world bright

aurora i want to see you again
aurora from nova scotia
because i knew you before

i met you at mate magique
we went to fix phils toilet
which i stopped up
i did it

cosi revaya

and when my father told me to go look it up
i would think that he was tired of me
no he won't be my dictionary
but not aurora..


oh yes i know that when you sleep tonight
you're going to make the whole world bright.
Track Name: Blanket Form
as i lie alone at night
blanket curled around me tight
i miss someone that i just can't have anymore

search my heart to try to guess
if i'm much better off
without that mess
i can't decide but no matter how i tried

i can only fall asleep when you're beside me
i can only rest my body when you're there
so i wait and bide my time
pretending that you're mine
i know it's not the right thing but i've got to ease my mind

eye to eye we kiss goodnight
you clear your throat
turn out the light
the dark can't reveal
what i don't want to feel
i cradle you in blanket form
you call me precious
i call you warm
but miles are between where you are and this scene

who is she not a part of my fantasy
until i hear a mazal tov
i won't give up hope