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Hello Abyss

by Nehedar

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dominicwilliams86 Nehedar has managed to create something interesting, if a touch too retro, especially on 'Catacomb' which sounds as if it would have been a radio hit in 1986. Cataldo's voice is very clear and happy and easy to listen to. 'You're Beautiful When You Fall Apart' is a stand out track for me, the guitar on that is reminiscent of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' sound. The album has its high points and lows, but overall is solid. Favorite track: Catacomb.
Malika Dahl
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Malika Dahl At first I wasn’t overwhelmed by Nehedar’s album. The lyrics seemed too easy. But her clear and happy melodies do start to be catchy. Throughout the album she really shows off her diverse voice. Surprising was “shedding skin”, which won me over with the darkness in lyrics and melody. It drew a drastic contrast to the first songs on her album. She did remain faithful to her style though, presenting a happy chorus melody once again. The album has it’s up and down, but is a good experience. Favorite track: How.
The Story 04:00
Once upon a time, there was a rhyme It was sublime, I've heard it told Then the rhyme tried to be bold Sought out new ways to take hold But other rhymes stood in the way And here without a toll to pay And so they fought unto the death The sky was bloodshot orange I see you with your truth, and I hope you see me Will you let me get away, on my way The story, the glory Now the story's grown and built a home Claimed a land for all to see And all the rhyme still sounds the same It is used to hurt and shame I dug a hole into my tale And found a lie deep as a whale And anyone can dive right in The water's fine if you can swim I see you with you truth, and I hope you see me Will you let me get away, on my way The story, the glory Will there be a day when all the stories won't hurt us? Will there be a time when all the stories won't hurt us?
Catacomb 03:10
Oh no they done got their hooks in you Made you believe that the lies are true Got you so hooked that you're stuck like glue I'd fix it now if I knew how to (chorus) Don't take the sun it warms my skin Don't take the sky, you know the birds don't swim And I can't believe it has to be said but Don't let them take you I never thought you would find your way You're actualized but you still cause pain I wish you would just drive off in your lane But you're coming for me like a hurricane (chorus) Hey hey my brother go get your brain back Don't mind my body go get your brain back You're in a cult but it feels like home Tucked away safe in your catacomb The light is so bright but it's monochrome If you make it out would you feel alone (chorus)
Let it out before it eats you alive Take it home, let it come spend the night What were you, what did you think you were Think again, this is you that was her (chorus) I don't have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve Just some scars you've gotta see to believe Doc Frankenstein come reanimate me Shedding skin is so exhilarating Tell me off, oh yeah I got it coming All my stuff, all my dreaming and bumming I'm alive, hooray for me As I try to clear all this debris (chorus) I am reaching for the furthest thing away Never knowing that the ground could soon give way Hands heal, cold steel (chorus)
How 04:11
How do we get along when you know so much How do we stay strong, well we hit the clutch Can we switch gears after 10 years Level up and start again How do we go on I wish I could switch on, you deserve the light I get so withdrawn, but it's worth the fight This is living and forgiving And believing what we know This is why we're strong (chorus) I'm not waiting for a lucky break no I don't want to make a great escape no honey I just wanna when I wake up face up See something there don't make me want to close my eyes I want to write a song make the lost cause found If you would sing along get it off the ground I'm just someone in the long run Hoping that my voice is met How do I find the song (chorus) How do I go on When everything goes wrong Try your whole life long To relegate your mental state just sing along
You're never too young to know which way you don't wanna go You're never too new to know when something's right Well babe I've got news for you Just do what you came to do Don't get in the way of those who came to fight (chorus) Happy birthday, happy birthday Yes my darling you've circled the sun Happy new year, happy new year Ring it in with a smile and a cheer There's somewhere you gotta go There's something you gotta be I hope you can make the trip a peaceful one I hope I can see you there, I hope you can stand the glare Of each time you revolve around the sun (chorus) I have seen you all around this crazy town I've seen what you have to share And all the rights and wrongs and all the prose and song They don't matter it's just what's in there
video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL2Sv10-wOs We hold on so tight all our lives We gotta hang on or something might fall by the wayside I don't have time for surprise Or that digital voice from deep inside keeps chipping at me Hey Hey look at me, I'm the one you're supposed to be Hey yeah here I am, stop looking backwards and take my hand And I know I should take it to heart It's hard to stop the crack once it starts (chorus) You're beautiful when you fall apart Shattering into a million pieces radiating light everywhere You're beautiful when you fall apart No one can help you try to put it back together You've done all you can that you know But something still hurts and something won't grow Sometimes you can't walk away There's no way that anyone in their own shoes can say Hey hey look at me, I'm the horse running through your dreams Hey yeah here I am, dart past the eagle the best you can And I know I can't make it alone If I never make it I won't be the only one (chorus)
Let's see how deep this love can be, let's see how real this fear gets Let's see the monster underneath the bed Let's see how deep this love can be, let's see how real this fear gets Let's see the monster underneath the bed Thought I gave you everything you want You say you can't stand me now You say I'm not approachable, I bully you around like... You say that you can't speak your mind 'Cause I keep you underneath my thumb Well I think you're caught in a dream The kind of nightmare where you can't extract a scream (chorus) I've had enough of being happy It's time to swing around to fear I'm gonna take you in the back room Show you all the monsters I keep in the rear I never meant to tell your secrets It's just I've had it up to here Don't want a permanent vacation I just want the legs to walk me out of here Got lost again inside a dream Where you don't understand the scheme You're not sure how to play the part Just open up your mouth and.... We're scared of love but love to fear We're scared to drive but love to steer Get stunned by all you have to do Slum with the many but you want to be the few (chorus)
The Grudge 02:44
So insecure, can't get ahold of your ass anymore It's like the bottom fell out, and left me living in a civil war So sad to see illusion shattered by reality You were like water to me Now you're a belladonna daquiri (chorus) Can you give me one reason I don't know Forgot about the history years ago I didn't mean to make you feel so small I wasn't trying to put you in your place Wasn't trying to call you a disgrace Now I'm lucky if I'm graced with your shadow You want to step on me So you can rise above your pedigree Thought you were better than that Hey look at you you're an aristocrat But what can we do There's no more us there's only me and you Is there any common cause Hey suck the claws back in your kitty paws You're so mad at me you're so mad at You're so mad at me you're so mad at You're so mad at me you're so mad at Something like me You're so mad at me you're so mad at You're so mad at me you're so mad at You're so mad at me you're so mad at Something like me Phantom fighting (chorus)
I tried to leave you, I tried to hide Shut down the stories that kept you inside I thought I could hurt you, but I was not right Tell me a story and take it too far All those absurd things make you who you are It's not like I could just jump in the car I can't drive (chorus) I never stood a chance with you No matter what cruel things you would do I'd love another dance with you tonight I'll leave you my number although it's the same Pretend my affections will not be in vain I'm not so flashy some call me plain Can that be all right (chorus) I have no secrets from you anymore No cards to play and no mystery door At least I'm consistent that I assure I have no pride (chorus)
Sotah 03:20
On my way to the city No one knows my truth I'm afraid of the city I loved it in my youth (chorus) Take me home, I want to walk through the valleys again Take me home, to the time before all this began And I know this is all in your plan, but I'm scared now Now I'm back where I started when I bore your child And my hair sweetly parted soon will be shorn and wild (chorus) If I say that I'm sorry would it ease your mind If I claim holy holy oh would you treat me kind (chorus)


released March 15, 2017

All songs copyright Emilia Cataldo

All vocals and instrumentation by Emilia Cataldo and Craig Levy except "How" featuring Tim Rockmore on guitars, "You're Beautiful When You Fall Apart" and "Sotah" featuring Shaul Zuckerberg on lead guitars, and Daniel Tsadok vox on "Fear and Love"

Produced, mixed and mastered by Craig Levy at the Little Pioneer Cider House in Brooklyn, NY
Cover: Make up by Shelley Wapniak, Photography by Ahron Moeller, Design by Perl Wolfe, Finishing by Jacob Fine


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Nehedar New York, New York

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