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Pterodactyl Baby

by Nehedar

Oh Mother 03:43
oh mother watch my soul mine is the one that don't know where to go take it home and make it whole before the ferry comes rowing. oh mother watch me grow i've been attempting it since years ago where i'll stop i don't yet know i know where i am not where i'm going *chorus 1* and the wolves go howling through the night while all my money is wasting and if i lose you in the blackest night would you be there later would you be there? oh lover you make me glow you make me happier than you can know trade our broken hearts for the open road no one's loved me like you since my mother. oh lover you work so hard i'll check the mirrors if you count the cards no one's gonna make us disregard the dreams we have for one another. * chorus 2* and there's next to nothing that i need if my heart is open i'm alive and i'm loved and ready for the sky to open and the love to drip out. oh father with the golden tones blow new york away when you come home travels with his six gun saxophone makes a mean garbanzo birthday cake i dreamt i was on a giant boat on a riverbed knocking lots of people over i thought to myself why not honk the horn i woke up and couldn't face the mirror. *chorus 1, chorus2*
A Sweet Man 03:41
he's a sweet man, a trifle unforgiving a very sweet man if you want what he is giving, if you're a fan if you need someone to tell you what to do to be you he's for you. he's got command command of all his people, we've got some land a garden and a steeple hand in hand we want to show society the score and the door evermore. everything that we were fighting for was done everything was quiet, i didn't regret what it is that we had done till i saw you crying* He had planned to make us revolutionaries lean and tan, as proud of us as he could be yeh he's the man and when he said the word we, well we heard and deferred, no one stirred we were manned for our own protection made our stand the ultimate rejection now we're crammed hundreds of us buried with no name called insane here's the refrain everything that we were fighting for was done everything was quiet, i didn't regret what it is that we had done till i saw you crying* he sees you when you're sleeping but he never lets you sleep you won't know that he's poison till you're in too deep and all the good you've worked for will suddenly be dust baby that's what happens when you let your judgement rust
Doesn't it seem like everything's already been done before wasn't it just yesterday i was looking and i couldn't find the magic anymore that old muse just gone and went out the door, that old muse just gone that old muse just gone and went out the door, i didn't see the colors anymore* call it a hobby or call it Survival some people can some will i've been encroaching mysterious forces trying to subvert the drill. *chorus* did you go to the movies or maybe to a show and when you come back will you let me know, i'm in a situation where i depend on you send me the inspiration to do what i have to do been kicking the streets and running the race, i've been hitting you up on myspace i've got to get somewhere cause i can't stay here maybe i'll play that open mic tonight ohgivemeabeer cause *chorus*
Baby Song 03:47
we weren't looking for a new way, in inventing the wheel we did ok, the fools come around and they promise a lot of things that you don't need baby don't get consumed with greed. *chorus* wake up little baby rub your eyes and greet the world you've got nothing better to do cause mommy loves to hold you cradle you deep in her soul* so i wrote you a letter that i won't send wanna tell you this now so i don't forget, live your life on your own-terms are tricky there is always someone with ideas for you gotta let the real truth shine through i say *chorus* baby watch as you grow and make that love inside of you grow, we're never as far as it seems from the things we see in our dreams.. wake up little baby
Play Fair 03:07
play fair drinks are on the house, drinks are on the house and the poppy's in the porch. create yeah but in the other room got a guilt trip from my womb and the muscle man who lives there. paper coming out the walls in my handwriting is scrawled girl you've got to get there, i pressed my nose against the glass saw the future and the past and the politics of sweat there *i've been looking at you, you've been catching my eye am i going to run you over, will there be a nice surprise* sweep that underneath the rug got a milk carton of drugs spread them all around now we climb higher every day the debris got in the way till i got the memo said "girl yeah i'm still watching you i can't tell you what to do but make sure you're out there can't go forward looking back when the spectrum's out of whack it's time to get creative" *chorus* i woke up in shit this morning i don't have a clue how to make my life important so i'll just make do. bring back something i don't know teach me what i'm living for i'm looking for answers found them chilling on the roof fingerlicking living proof of eternal love now people overdosed on crying think that life is on the line think it's up to you now we climb higher every day the debris got in the way till i got the memo said...
when you hurt me it's grist for the mill, it's just grist for the mill when they're coming to kill, you push me around but i'm standing still with my unstoppable will processing my grist. *chorus* i know that you will be begging to be back where you were in relation to me* i send you a cd and what do you care you're just a radio station busy playing dead air. and then there's that girl who thinks she's cool but she's really insane, she's trying to cut me out but she's playing my game *chorus*
i know when you get so wrecked feel like you get no respect and all the love you had for me is gone. how is it that you can fight with someone you loved so much last night with no care for what you're doing to me, can't you see. *chorus it's you that's putting you down (4x)* i know that you don't want to hear but to me it's crystal clear, i never want to make you feel like a fool, someone did it long ago, who it is i don't know but you've got to get it worked out. cause *chorus* i'm not trying to be pessimistic but i got to be realistic and this isn't something i want in my life don't want it in my life, i'm telling you because it means so much to have you close it hurts to think of losing you i don't want to lose you. *chorus*
when i see you i know i'm through, i just stop trying to be cute, ok well that's not true, but there's a lot of true things i can't say. and ever since i've known you you never fail to show you have a way of easing everyone around, you're the nicest guy in town. *chorus* everybody loves you but i love you more and i'll love you forever and i'll always endeavor to love you more than before, everybody loves you but i know what love's for i'm gonna make it dramatic a veritable fanatic and hope you even the score* i've got my heart set on this i wanna be the one that you kiss every morning of every day everyone else can step away i know it must be hard for them to realize that you're taken but since we started out as friends i know that they'll go on. *chorus*
Dissent 03:38
what was i talking about while you were tuning me out? i get so lonely in the fall, don't know if i'm here for good or if i shouldn't or should or if i'm here to drag you down it's such a *chorus 1* long way down 3x when you get there turn around* it's like a hundred degrees when no one near you agrees sometimes you gotta run away, the bathwater's full of kids for every didn't there's dids and maybe one day we'll be free. but i'm *chorus 2* about to drown, i'm in the wrong damn town i have a lot to say but i can't live this way * you don't have to live your whole life wading through concentrate strife it's unbelievable we do it's like a hundred degrees but when you fall to your knees is someone looking down at you and it's *chorus 3* enough to say, you either play or pray it's anomaly to be afraid to see
Narcississm 03:02
i'm so tired of all of you, i have sleep i have to do i have nightmares of my own all the party that there is doesn't give me half a chance to become adequately grown and i'll *chorus* take it or leave it i'll leave it all to chance i'm tired of believing that life is all a dance i want to be someone who lives in a shell with all the time passing i'm sinking i fell and i'm going to bed now to get out of my head now i'm gonna toss my troubles aside with my 4 speed emergency bike i'll get it right i'll get it right* i'm so punk and so are you i have patches on my clothes i have pretty scary things i'll let you think of me as what you'd want to be we'll be friends definitely and i'll *chorus*
do you have ulterior motives are they trying to knock me down, you pretend you're going to help me but you want to make me drown. creases in your bible making god look homicidal you're gonna preach now, you're gonna preach now quiet quiet everybody the supreme king would like a word but he's going to speak through that guy just to make sure that he's heard i found it in the bible in between old cain and abel i'm gonna sell you biblical bulletproof *chorus* praise the fallen angel in your mirror raise hell with the poetry in your refrigerator pray for the deliverance of the word in my pocket let me tell you what we've been hiding from you, you're gonna love it. * do you have ulterior motives can you paint them on your face, im so tired of trying to catch you grab your heels you're running in place, she says that survival depends on one brilliant messiah, do you wanna be it? do you wanna see it? *chorus* are they still ulterior motives if you don't even try to hide, she's not amazing anybody with the treason that she cried she found it in the bible in between ole cain and abel she's gonna sell you biblical bulletproof *chorus*
Subway Ratt 04:54
no i don't want your sugar, please don't put me in a fishbowl, in a subterranean rathole is where i call my home, yeah i eat your garbage but i really like your corn chips, life is better in the tunnels where i can't hear you on the phone.. *chorus can you tell me where to go when you've made the world a rathole* i still don't want your sugar but i'll take it and i'll eat it since you coat the city streets with it there's not much else for me to do, i'd love to see reality dawn upon these human beings it's clear to me you make no sense the rich get fat the poor don't get none and my instincts tell me where to go.. and my instincts... *chorus* cause no one's home, no one's home, in a rathole.


released January 1, 2009

All songs written by Emilia Cataldo
Except "Subway Ratt" written by Emilia Cataldo & David Keesey
produced by Craig Levy (littlepioneer.com)
album artwork & mandolin on "I love you more" by Elke Reva Sudin (elkerevasudin.com)
guitar & bass on "Subway Ratt" "Biblical Bulletproof" & "Narcissism" by David Keesey (myspace.com/stolenbrownevergreen)
trumpet on "Oh Mother" by Mike Shobe


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