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released January 1, 2008

All songs written by Emilia Cataldo
Except "Dino" by written by Emilia Cataldo & David Keesey
produced by Craig Levy (littlepioneer.com)
Except "Conspiritorium", "Visceral Reaction" & "A Note on Sleep" Produced by James Eric (jamesericmusic.com)
album artwork by Elke Reva Sudin (elkerevasudin.com)
Featuring Luis Cataldo III playing Saxaphone on "Conspiritorium"
Featuring David Keesey on Guitar on "Dino"


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

Nehedar has 9 albums and 1 brand new EP on Bandcamp. Some live stuff on Youtube and whatnot. All recordings, except a few on Pick Your Battles, and all of "Light at the End." were done with NYC producer, Craig Levy (Little Pioneer).
The band consists of songwriter/singer Emilia Cataldo, cellist/harpist Elisheva Maister and percussionist/drummer Brad Reiss.
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Track Name: Dreamlike
we fly deftly throught he streets
revealing nothing to the people standing in the cracks
nightfall takes another in its place we meet and talk about the good times knowing less and less is real each day
why does it really really have to be this way

i brought you into this world and i can take you out
don't take it personally
no need to shout
i've got a lot on my mind without your harsh appeal
got something to do
got nothing to feel.

rainfalls is it up or is it down
cause no one can agree if this is heaven or a shit town
careful just for arguments sake
maybe we'll be in a heap of trouble
maybe nothing matters anyway
but if you try and navigate the middle can you say

no one ever heard emily's cries while she was alive
no one ever heard emily's cries and then she died


paintballs taking pieces out of men
someone stop the planet cause i need to get my balance back
breadsticks in a dumpster on the street
think i'll take a few if they are
multigrain or whole wheat
lets go to an island when we sleep
we can meet the other dreamers
we can put imagine on repeat
so we don't forget just what it is we seek

Track Name: I'm All Right
I thought if you let me go the planet might explode
i was carved out of playdoh and thrown out on the road
but it could be illusion that had me so concerned

hey it looks like i'm not welcome anymore
but hey hey look at me i've got somewhere to go

you don't call
and you don't write
and you don't know that i'm all right

did you really love me or were you just being nice
you kinda let it slip that it was all a sacrifice
your friends know you're a savior and my friends know the same
but did you really think that you would make me change


i've been thinking about all those years
and all the time that you put in now my fears have come true
i don't remember asking you to save my life and write a new one for me
you get pissed at what i can't be


you had to make some distance and that i understand
i made a mistake beyond reprimand
you hold me to your ideals it's all part of a deal
i made long ago when i needed a meal

Track Name: Crayons
wasn't very long ago when i went to school
learned a lot of things in there like how to be a tool
you can be a sucker if you feel the need
to try and be somebody else
just like a vampire

feeding on the rich kids
feeding on the nice kids
feeding on the teachers yeah
when you've got a bad itch
to be like the jock bitch
i don't suppose you're worthless enough

takes a lot to move your head out of such a vice
move into the real world regular admission price
find you've got a lot of things that you want to say
but no one's ever gonna hear you babe

if you can't say it with a straight face
why say it in the first place
no one's gonna hold your place
if you fall out of line
don't fall in the gutter
and don't be heard to mutter
i can't believe i wasted my mind
i can't believe i wasted our time

don't be afraid for gods sake
moving in and out of awkward places
makes us crayons makes us players

look into the mirror don't know what i see
someone with some
things to work through looks a lot like me
grew up in the gutter in the shade of a tall tree
the only thing i never thought i'd miss is


and now i've got something to prove wrong
don't be afraid for gods sake
moving in and out of awkward places makes us crayons makes us players
don't be afraid
go be notorious
no one's ever looking at you quite as close as you are

Track Name: Sharps & Flats
when i look at you
my eyes try to peer on through
the futures coming so i wait and wait and wait and wait and
no one ever said
these things are easy
but you tell me that you love me and i know it can't be wrong

oh the world might be ending but no one can tear us apart
hold me so close and you'll make the dark beautiful

and the sharp came and it tried to scare me
and the flat came and it tried to lose me and
they all gang up on everybody but
nobody knows what it's for

oh you wait for your number is it good or it's bad this time
it's cold on the floor bring it around and make it memorable

Track Name: Great
the bag of vomit on the door
reminds me that it was not such a good night
when i think about it it was a chore
one that i probably didn't do right

but i have no right to complain
there's no one but me i have to blame
cause everything is wonderful for me today

i like to think that no one loves me
i like to think that they don't care
later on when i find out they were so busy
well i'm not so needy when the smoke clears

cause i have no right to complain
there's no one but me i have to blame
cause everything is wonderful for me today

cause everything is great
everything is great great great
everything is wonderful for me today

later on that evening
we were watching the tv
and the man on the tv said

i have been getting undue credit
that is getting someone elses press
if i could find the proper owner i would give it all back in a reddress

but that doesn't make him gay
and how is that for you to say
maybe he's just having himself a gay day

Track Name: Visceral Reaction
there's a little girl screaming at the sight of a gun
the light was growing in the absence of sun
and all the hummingbirds hiding in the back of my room
are humming something with peculiar tune
and the gardensnakes waiting to eat the frogs
are waiting around on the mossy logs
and the last thing that i heard before the picture fades is

don't forget to write it down
write it down
write it down so you don't forget
so you don't forget

all the mothers are waiting for the wars to end
all the beasts alive are "judy's friend"
and my frequent encounter with everything
tells me: don't tune out, hold on, believe,
and the running dishwasher that takes me home
is all hooked up to the telephone
and the fear of what comes later fades away as
soon as i

start to own
start to own
start to own
the part of me i hide
the part of me that's home

what am i doing hey?
there's too much going on to really say
i lose a little of it every day
subject to the lot of it like we're
prisoners in this melancholy drama we call cable
i'm not able to be stable said the dustmop to the dreidle

i've got a little if you don't mind sharing
i've got a little if you don't mind sharing
got a little if you don't mind sharing
got a little if you don't mind don't mind don't mind

stop taking pictures and start living life
went out in a rowboat and rowed for my life
and tugged it around,
free in the sand and water and rocks not missing the chance
walk through the trail, mulberry feast,
search for the power plant in the east
crawl through the dunes, wearing the sky
making up real life on the fly

we're full grown,
not alone
well maybe a little bit but we don't mind,
we're not afraid to lose
or it's a secret wish
keep on loading up the plate to say
there's too much on my dish

what am i doing hey?
there's too much going on to really say
i lose a little of it every day
subject to the lot of it
like we're prisoners in this melancholy drama we call cable
i'm not able to be stable said the dustmop to the dreidle

i've got a little if you don't mind sharing
i've got a little if you don't mind sharing
got a little if you don't mind sharing
got a little if you don't mind don't mind don't mind
Track Name: Mark's Song
i will write you a song
i will write you a song
i will write you a song
if you come back
i will not lie to you
i will not lie to you
i will not lie to you
like when i said i'd write a song
i did

on the road to somewhere
someone with a turban on his head
and those magic rolling papers
i remember what you said
what you said
lot of people passing through
our lives are young we wanna do everything
run so far to see what life looks like with experienced eyes
when they miss us we're surprised
at least i

am don't burn my house down
leave the shoes and then you'll go away
bring back my skirt or send it to me
either way would be ok
cause sometimes life is random in a very patterned way
and when i'm clear you'll disappear


i will call it your song
and talk about things we did
like curry on the roof and i'm gonna tell my grandkids
you're too much for this song
and in fact you don't fit
you didn't fit in my room
but you fit in my heart

Track Name: I Learned From You
look at me now
do you think i know the game
i've been through it and i reinvented it
well at least that's what i claim
you held out your hand
and i spit in it
i let you get too close before and i can't take another hit

and this i learned from you
there's a little bit a little bit of everything of everything in you

we've been up and down that hill
we've been chasing daffodils
we've been climbing up that ivory tower
and all the wreckage that i see was somehow brought about by me
and i'll forget the pain but not the

don't walk in the web
and don't walk in the door
just stand at the gate and wait to be adored
and what if i do
would you hold it against me
would you run away from me having captured my flag

Track Name: Cast Out
cast out into a frozen night
walking barefoot on white snow
cast out for the greater good
you don't care where i go don't care where i go
wish me luck toss a dime for the road
look away and you forget
i'm alone where my family was
where we were

on a mission
on a mission
with a trumpet and a drum
cast me out and i will go hom
e tell the folks what you're about

think fast empty your wallets
break the rules we're all the same
we've got places to go and
we don't want to be seen

Track Name: Conspritorium
you look so familiar
have i seen you somewhere
you've got a wicked stare
tells me that you've seen something

maybe you've been running through the alley with the bomb squad chasing all the wrong guys again
when you were just about to catch one maybe i came up around the corner and then
you fell tripped on a banana peel
did a triple lindy
before you stood up

you've got a nipple ring
i can see it poke through your shirt
it's not a conversation starter
and i'm not ready to take you on

if you've been running through the alley with the bomb squad chasing all the wrong guys again
then i'm not about to take you to my favorite bar so that you can get in
while you bore us with your shop talk
i shot the sherrif is playing on the juke box

your socks don't match
now i think that rank smell is from you
hold up and here i stifle a laugh
cause if that really was you in my flashback you'd be clean

cause if you were running through the alley with the bomb squad chasing
all the wrong guys again
and that probably was a week ago you'd have had the chance to shower since then
oh i feel so freaking silly when the clues are right before my eyes man
you're not one of those guys
Track Name: It Is What It is
baby look me up
you've got the sweetest eyes
baby look at me
you've got those tiger eyes
baby look at me
cause i've got something to tell you
it's not a mystery why i'm here with you
it's based on history
and i hope you
get it through your head that i'm not going to hurt you

cause i don't know why anyone
would drag you through the earth and mud
and leave you in a cloud of smoke
i just want to give you hope
i hope you see that i'm not her
i'm nobody else but me
i hope you see how much i care

i care like a millionare about his money

if you tell me
that you're a loyal man
i will try to understand what that means and
i won't run away from your sweet heart you're my baby
there will be problems
i don't know what that means
but i read it in a girly magazine
so it must be true and we'll face them together

cause it is what it is
Track Name: Man From Zion
built in 1901 to a people of faith
the man who built it been all over the place
spreading his gospel and healing the sick
boy that city came up quick
he had some factories the economy was strong
a printing press to disseminate his words
j.a. dowie wrote to the world
spreading his healing message
but somebody heard something he didn't like

the other guy name of ahmad gulaam
living in qadian and here the story goes wrong
although dowie wrote about loving all men
the muslim creed was of no use to him
he wanted to destroy them

ahmad himself had a much smaller crew
he was a leader of india/pakistan too
he wrote to the times said i challenge a duel
to the man out in zion he threatened so cruel
lets have ourselves a duel

we're gonna pray that the false one should be destroyed
in the other one's lifetime

now dowie didn't think much of the threat
he ignored it and went on with his plans to get bigger yet
when dowie was questioned about ahmads request
was he in or out dowie said
do you think that i shall reply to the gnats and flies
if i put my foot on them i could crush out their lives

with that remark he had entered the duel
to pray out the life of the enemy who
had no purpose to be alive
now mirza was praying and and dowie was busy
spreading his message out of the city
he went to new york and filled up msg
in the end he made a mockery
brought 5000 to the city with him
but new york was a lake they were not fit to swim
they all got exhausted and he couldn't speak
it's called his waterloo his imminent defeat
then the leader went home worked on plans to expand
build a city in mexico and live on the land
but while he was gone the city found out
that it's coffers were empty they had been dried out
dowie had used up the city's funds
he abdicated his throne to his number one.
by the time he got home he had lost everything
his family, his city, his whole legacy but it wasn't over yet.
cause dowie got sick had a stroke and he died
not to the surprise of ahmad
who called himself the promised
messiah dowie by this time called himself elijah
elijah's supposed to be the forebearer of
christ or the messiah depending on if you think the christians are right but ahmad was starting himself something new where he was jesus buddah and krishna too
the very next year ahmad died too
that's not important to his followers who
are spreading the word of the miracle of
the man who prophecied the demise of
the man from zion

now what does this mean and what does it say
is god really meant to be used in this way
bandied about
does god take sides
or is it religion taking us for a ride

i wanna go for a ride
Track Name: Dino
there was a time before we drilled into the earth
and nourished the industry with dinosaur goo
when happy meals were the ones with loving friends
and the prize in your box was love

quit being so damned optimistic you're making me wanna take you down
i like the way it is with your motivational societal pressures to fill

it's always been dangerous at the bottom
all these buildings and bridges have cost our fathers dearly
and progress is taking virgin land and giving it a job in the oldest profession so how can i be looking back and pining how it used to be
while dying to move rapidly
to a future only i can see

there might be cars and there might not be trees
and there could be love
bunny rabbits and disease but
i refuse to believe in time
in car washes
animals fine
but not in time

there was a time before the condom broke
and the life and death waiting then awoke
and all the while nothing's ever changed
cause the people with the power are still
mad and deranged
and we're writhing
and we're writing
Track Name: The Last Song
i found another one of your papers in my jewelery box and it said
i'm a totally random piece of paper
i've got nothing to do with your life
i thought that i had
found them all and thrown them out
but now i know
you might not be that easy to get rid of
hey do you want to come play with me
it doesn't have to mean anything
cause you play the strong man on tv
but you aint got nothing on lil old me
i hid my heart in a stack of books
and sat on it so it would look
like i wasn't hiding anything in there
i learned my lesson now i know
you've got it all under control
and if i'm choosing someone else it's not for that


this is probably the last song i'm gonna write about you

* chorus*