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Light at the End

by Nehedar

Paywall 03:41
We made him in our own image A baby a man, a king We dressed him from rags to riches We bring him our offering You're made of what we want more of You're made up of so much need Some carved you with acts of kindness Mama's cooking or stone cold greed We did it, we can do it, we can do anything We made it, we can make it, we can make anything We said it, we can say it, we can say anything Behind that paywall uh oh Can't afford to know what's real The links in the chain keep breaking It's too heavy to keep it up We're running around in circles Over the planet with all our stuff We made it all up, let it control us.
The Earth is spinning Someone's winning something somewhere More power to that guy But I can't catch a break The slings and arrows, straits and narrows we call living And the ice can get so thin there's no way off but through Not everybody could be, in the lucky sperm club My screen's on utopia, it helps me to get through the day You never know what you got till it's running away Residue, we can't see Sticks to you, it sticks to me Not everybody could be, in the lucky sperm club We didn't mean to be born, we didn't mean to be poor You didn't work to have more But why you got to keep score? We didn't mean to be here We didn't mean to be weird I hope the telephone book doesn't give me up Not everybody could be in the lucky sperm club But if you are a person in this place, you already won the human race DNA passed through time and space You already won the human race Even if you don't catch what you chase You already won the human race Not every body could be in the lucky sperm club
Monster 05:32
Will you come with me, we’ll creep out the door Go down the alley, we’ll stop at the 24 hour supermarket This is our night world, it’s more scared of us Got coffee money in our pockets, some things we gotta discuss I got a monster in my head, I can’t get it out It’s always coming after me, I gotta sing it out I can’t believe it, but I’m the one that feeds it Everybody comes here, to Starlite in the dark We’re not exceptional, we’re only doing our part The waitress, she is stuck here, till the end of her shift But we’re just getting started, we’re young, we’re wild and adrift. We got monsters in our heads, we can’t get ‘em out Always coming after we, gotta sing it out I can’t believe it, but I’m the one that feeds it Monster in my room, filling days with gloom You’re just trying to help remember how it felt
Song 4 Sale 03:13
Songs for sale, songs for sale Entertaining sing alongs for sale, sliding scale, handcrafted Words for sale, words for sale, black and white and red all over Proof for sale, truth for sale, can you hear the cry? Dreams for sale, schemes for sale, cynically proferred We've got memes for sale, drawn to scale, made to order Spin for sale, skin for sale, young and blonde and thin for sale Wear a veil, blaze a trail, time to go to work Time for sale, debt for sale, manufactured threat for sale Slightly stale, it's a whale, this is normal Thing for sale, sing for sale, here's a dingaling for sale Never fail, sordid tale, shop the pain away If you control enough people, it doesn't matter what is true anymore, no If you can fool enough people, doesn't really matter anymore
Light 02:26
Woe is me, I have sinned The world's becoming dark around me Did my crime cause decline? Now the days grow ever shorter Dust to dust, I am cussed My bride, my sweet bride cries beside me I can't eat, I won't drink Except the harsh decree upon me And for eight days he fasted, for eight days he prayed Wallowed in grief for the choices he made The world is devolving to chaos, disorder Everything really, hung in the border Then the light grew! Every day shone brighter than before When the dawn broke, Adam learned the order of the world His spirits raised, he marked the days To celebrate the light restoring He offered up a unicorn In return for one more morning Then the light grew! Every day shone brighter than before When the dawn broke, Adam learned the order of the world


Released just as NYC slipped into pandemic, a live capturing of our trio in our rehearsal studio, playing a short set of 5 thematically and texturally dense songs that we worked on in the previous year.


released March 17, 2020

Nehedar Trio: Emilia Cataldo (songwriting, vocals, guitar) Elisheva Maister (cello) Brad Reiss (drums)

Recorded live at Funkadelic Studios NYC, 2020
Edited by Craig Levy
Mixed and mastered by Roy Peak

Photo by Jonathan Winterbottom
Art design by Elisheva Maister


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

Making music.

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