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The Warming House

by Nehedar

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Roy Peak
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Roy Peak Nehedar puts on songs like some people put on coats, but they always fit perfectly. Her songs vary from rave-ups to folk, with thoughtful, witty lyrics. Always a fun listen. Favorite track: Loshon Hara Barbie.
Is it annoying when I beg for my rights? You like the ones who never put up a fight. Gonna take me to the river wash my curves away. Come out nothing but hard edges cause I want to play. How can I help it if I want to be free? Without the boys on the block yelling at me. Gonna take me to the river wash my sins away, come out ready for forgiveness for my darker days. What can you tell me about rigging the game? Being entitled cause you came with a name. Gonna take me to the river wash my sins away, come out ready for forgiveness for my darker days. Gonna take me to the river wash the dirt away, come out ready for whatever's gonna come my way.
I'm a farmer and a tanner, I work hard and I work well No one tells me when to start or stop with some damn working bell In my home I keep it quiet, had no visitors to tell until that damn traveler came Well he told me he's a doctor from the city 'cross the hill begged for lodging for the night, he offered US. dollar bills but before the night was over he got mean and he got killed oh lord what now have i done? oh me, oh my, how i hate to see you cry oh me, oh my, take him out and shoot him in the eye well the sheriff aint my brother and the country wants my farm but I swore my daddy I would keep my body out of harm so I packed myself a horse and made a living selling yarns oh lord what now have i done? I lived 10 years on the run, met a man, had a son in a town called Rapid River I got cornered with my gun took a shot to save my life and took another for each one oh lord what now have you done? I stared down that rapid river, rapids reaching for my life and I swore if I could make it down that river with my knife I'd get half as far as China 'fore they'd take me back alive oh lord what now have i done? I am not your whipping woman I am not your whipping toy I will teach you to go running with them no good backroom boys I have done my share of running now I'm back in Illinois oh lord what now have you done?
Don't Look 02:56
don't look I got a crazy thing to tell you that girl she thinks she's gonna own you and that's some kind of get out don't look she found her future in the phone book made everything with a crochet hook I think I gotta get out I've never been in trouble before I never knew what it meant to writhe on the floor I've never been in trouble before don't tell me what to do anymore don't tell me what to do, don't tell me what to say, don't tell me where to be cause I can't take it any any any any anymore
Hey, I saw a shadow in my dream last night I know it was you hiding I never got to ask so many things they didn't seem important when I could have asked anything But won't you come into the light I really need some insight what scares me most of all is to see the world through your eyes and you're not by my side life, it isn't perfect but it's what we've got would you tell me if I lost the plot I miss you you brought me in this world to write a wrong I do my best to write a useful song without you Now I've gotta do the impossible, something I thought I would never do and which you found fun please of all the gifts that you've given me I hope that one no one else can see is in there as well will you watch me try (watch me) like when I was 5 (watch me) will you keep an eye on things reality's intimidating
Sticks and stones may break my bones but the things I say destroy me I am not immune to loose lips sunk ships I'm loshan hara barbie the weak can be so cruel the sparks play hide and seek deflection is the name of the game I want to root it out stand proudly on my feet and end this vicious cycle of shame I bite my tongue so hard it bleeds but that is not the answer I don't want to be a hypocrite a verbal necromancer The walls are falling around us, the walls are tumbling down the walls are falling around let them all fall down, we all come tumbling down
Flying 03:59
Up up up in the air, up up up in the air what was settled now is not things i knew i now forgot yesterday I was there happy without a care but I jumped out of my tree oh what will become of me? will I fall right down to the cold hard ground? or stay right here in the air I don't know a thing about flying And when it's all over where will I be? another ledge or another tree jump for joy or hit the ground crying I still don't know a thing about flying tired of changing my mind unsure most of the time and just when I think I'm done something sends me back to one try to take it in stride not get caught up in pride cause with every twist and turn something's lost and something's learned what goes up must come down... i've been trying to find my way around what goes up must come down... they say...
Didn't need no phones to text no. Just knock on your window Never know what's coming next oh All those teenage crescendos Oh the storms were loud and sudden But we were cool and sullen We'd skate to the water's edge ooh when the city's unfriendly you'd show me the highway ledge oh it was all elementary There were never repercussions not skinned knees or concussions Cause we were so young that we could fly past the sordid dramas of our lives to the warming house but we would never take the train just sing for our lives in the acid rain. It was our teenage echo chamber where we could nurture our own natures never be ashamed never be afraid what did we want to be back then? just lived in the moment can we go back again? oh i think the house is still open But I don't want to drive there I just want to arrive there
No one wants to know your name no one wants to see your shame no one wants to know that you are crying in the rain Every person is an uncharted land civilization was a terrible plan I'm of the opinion that we will fall right where we stand and who knows what we're doing? who knows who we are? just another face in the crowd past the point of wishing, past the point of hope past the point of no return watch the world burn. happy birthday is a terrible song nobody likes it but they sing right along eyes full of jealousy throats full of greed open the presents and gobble the cake smile for the camera for history's sake we're in american the land of the take
The Tree 03:59
The tree is dying the trunk won't stand the seeds multiplying to take root in a new land the lake is dry now where we would play and no one cares to be there for the one that got away lets climb to the top of the tree on the weakest branch you and me it's time to give up on the dream drop to the ground where we should be the change was subtle the distance grew from what you wanted to be to the things you had to prove but I'll still be here because it's ok and everyone can still blame the one that got away i don't have the strength to stop it i only have the mind to know you've gone too far down that dark road and i've gone too far to save you i won't let you bring me down but look for me i'll be around
Come listen to my story of a girl you ought to know A lassie in New York over a hundred years ago Sadie Farrell was a girl you wouldn't ever want to meet. Sadie the Goat would ram her head into your gut if she met ya on the street. She ruled the 4th ward with a heart of stone Made victims of poor travelers alone Sadie Farrell had a rival at the Water's Street Bar A 6 foot lady bouncer by the name of Gallus Mag Mag had a way with customers who'd taken it too far One day she had her way with Sadie - bit her ear off in a scrag Sadie Farrell then left the bloody 4th Ward she saw the Charles Street Gang at a sloop attempting to board They clearly needed her help, so she took over the gang Hijacked ships took raidin trips while the old jolly roger swang Oh what a terrible time to live riverside In a mansion or a farm, Sadie was coming to do ya harm If she captured ya son who can you thank? If Sadie takes to liking ya she won't make you walk the plank For one summer they ruled just one summer and then The farmers took arms, set to get their revenge. Sadie Farrell went back to the bloody 4th Ward The famed Queen of the Waterfront Reclaimed her ear where it was stored She made a truce with old Mag in the end Wore her ear around her neck and used her booty to brew some gin. Sadie Farrell 1869 they would have you believe she was never alive But don't you be fooled, cause she still roams the streets Teaching lessons to the boys who expect her to be nice and sweet.


Dedicated to David Brockie


released August 13, 2014

All songs copyright Emilia Cataldo 2014.
Produced by Craig Levy at the Little Pioneer Cider House in Brooklyn, NY
Violin by Craig Judelman
Trumpet by Jennifer Harder
Guest Vox on "Sadie Farrell" by Michael Hitchcock
Cover Art Courtesy of Carmen Park
Cover Design by Jacob Fine
Associate Producer: Daniel Tsadok


all rights reserved



Nehedar New York, New York

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