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Man From Zion

from Dreamlike by Nehedar

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built in 1901 to a people of faith
the man who built it been all over the place
spreading his gospel and healing the sick
boy that city came up quick
he had some factories the economy was strong
a printing press to disseminate his words
j.a. dowie wrote to the world
spreading his healing message
but somebody heard something he didn't like

the other guy name of ahmad gulaam
living in qadian and here the story goes wrong
although dowie wrote about loving all men
the muslim creed was of no use to him
he wanted to destroy them

ahmad himself had a much smaller crew
he was a leader of india/pakistan too
he wrote to the times said i challenge a duel
to the man out in zion he threatened so cruel
lets have ourselves a duel

we're gonna pray that the false one should be destroyed
in the other one's lifetime

now dowie didn't think much of the threat
he ignored it and went on with his plans to get bigger yet
when dowie was questioned about ahmads request
was he in or out dowie said
do you think that i shall reply to the gnats and flies
if i put my foot on them i could crush out their lives

with that remark he had entered the duel
to pray out the life of the enemy who
had no purpose to be alive
now mirza was praying and and dowie was busy
spreading his message out of the city
he went to new york and filled up msg
in the end he made a mockery
brought 5000 to the city with him
but new york was a lake they were not fit to swim
they all got exhausted and he couldn't speak
it's called his waterloo his imminent defeat
then the leader went home worked on plans to expand
build a city in mexico and live on the land
but while he was gone the city found out
that it's coffers were empty they had been dried out
dowie had used up the city's funds
he abdicated his throne to his number one.
by the time he got home he had lost everything
his family, his city, his whole legacy but it wasn't over yet.
cause dowie got sick had a stroke and he died
not to the surprise of ahmad
who called himself the promised
messiah dowie by this time called himself elijah
elijah's supposed to be the forebearer of
christ or the messiah depending on if you think the christians are right but ahmad was starting himself something new where he was jesus buddah and krishna too
the very next year ahmad died too
that's not important to his followers who
are spreading the word of the miracle of
the man who prophecied the demise of
the man from zion

now what does this mean and what does it say
is god really meant to be used in this way
bandied about
does god take sides
or is it religion taking us for a ride

i wanna go for a ride


from Dreamlike, released January 26, 2008


all rights reserved



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